The Height Of Delight

Montgomerywas established by visionary founder Shaikh Mohammed Shafi (Late) in 1946 when Pakistan did not appear on the face of the earth.73 Years Ago “THE FIRST” and one of the largest biscuits and sweets manufacturing concern in Pakistan came into being. It has the honor of being the first company to be founded in British India with all Muslim Shareholders.

Located in the heart of Punjab a beautiful city of “Montgomery” which is now known as “Sahiwal”. The location was carefully selected keeping in mind logistics and easy access to fresh and pure ingredients such wheat, fresh fruits, sugar etc. Endeavoring new horizons the company has expanded its product range in Candies, Toffees, Lollypops, Jellies, Chocolates, Wafers, Wafer Rolls, Biscuits and Snacks.

In pursuit of continuously innovating and expanding Montgomery has in house state of the art printing and packaging unit with gravure printing, offset printing and polyethylene and polypropylene extrusion.

Our latest production line isBottled and Canned Juices which makes us one of the largest and most diverse product range in the industry.

During the course of 73 years Montgomery has produced the most successful and powerful brands in the history of this country such as Nice, Tea Time, Butterfly, Milk Cream Rocks and Honey Candy.

Montgomery Campus encompasses 35 acres which includes Production facility, Officers Residences and in house sports complex which includes tennis grounds, squash courts, swimming pool and international level cricket ground. It has its own registered Cricket Club since 1969 which has produced seasoned cricketer like Mohammed Mushtaq, ManzoorElahi, SaleemElahi among others. It also has the honor to hosting international teams such as New Zealand and West Indies

Mission Statement:

To manufacture and distribute“Height Of Delight”through taste and quality across the World.

CEO's Message

Montgomery has been a part of the world confectionery and bakers industryfor 73 Years. Since 1946 as societies have grown and diets have improved and values of food industry has expanded Montgomery has been active in all fields contributing to the customer’s needs.

As we start 8th decade of operation the value of what we do and the ongoing success of our company will be measured by the ways we contribute the economic growth, creating jobs or attracting foreign exchange. Expectations for improved practices and positive results are high.

Today, change is everywhere. Our customer’s markets are evolving rapidly in response to volatile raw material prices and new manufacturing trends. Sustainability is often the spur, driving demand for better, cleaner and more efficient ways of doing things.

From its inception in 1946 Montgomery has sought to adapt quickly to customer needs and requirements. Our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate as well as relentless quest for sustainable growth. As you browse through this website you will get a sense of passion, reliability and innovative nature that we bring to our mission. “Height of Delight” is not just a fancy punch line but a flavorful, nutritional and joyous journey that each of our products takes you on and we are determined to spread this joy across the globe.

Sadaqat Ahmed Shafi Managing Director &CEO